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Getting To The Root Of Your Child’s Thumb Sucking Naturally

Posted on Behalf of Blue Sky Dental Group

When your baby is a baby you’re so thankful they’ve found their thumb to soothe themselves. No need to pull over while you’re driving and reinsert the pacifier when your baby is crying in the back seat. Baby inserts thumb, and peace for all resides in your minivan. Thumb sucking babies make pretty happy babies, generally speaking. 

The problem with thumb sucking comes as your baby becomes a toddler, and teeth begin entering their gummy little mouths.  Oh goodness, those first teeth are so precious, aren’t they? If your toddler is in the habit of sucking their thumb, those new teeth are susceptible to being pulled forward as they are entering their mouth. 

Your child has been using their thumb for soothing. It’s also a habit by the time they are toddlers. The habit formed innocently, and somewhat by necessity now is a problem. By this time, it’s their “normal.” They know nothing else and don’t feel ashamed about it at all. 

As your child progresses in age, they also progress in understanding reason. It’s important to not shame them for their thumb sucking. A better alternative to saying “no” all of the time to thumb sucking is to find things you can say, “yes” to. 

Lavender essential oil has been used for thousands of years for calming purposes. Say, “yes” to lavender oil, a natural alternative. When your child feels the urge to thumb suck, they are searching for something to soothe them. Why not try an age-old method for calming? You can apply a drop or two of lavender oil to the back of their neck, feet or wrists. 

At Blue Sky Dental Group we really care about you and your kids. Helping you break your child’s thumb sucking habit is important to us. We want to walk along with you every step of your family’s life. 

Posted on behalf of Blue Sky Dental Group

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