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Your Tooth Story In Six Words

Posted on Behalf of Blue Sky Dental Group

Quick! Think about how you would describe your tooth story in just six words. What would be your six words?

Would you say?:

  • “I’ve always been grateful for them.”
  • “My teeth make me look stunning.”
  • “My teeth match my hot looks.”

Or perhaps your words are a bit more negative than the ones listed above.

  • “I’ve mastered a closed-lip smile.”
  • “My teeth make me look old.”
  • “I really hate my misaligned teeth.”

If your tooth story is not a positive one, why is it that way? Are you experiencing teeth dissatisfaction? Do you shy away from social settings or selfies for fear they will expose your gapped, misaligned or crooked teeth? When you look in the mirror, do you quickly look away because you don’t want to be reminded what your teeth look like?

If you’re feeling hopeless about your tooth landscape, don’t lose hope! There is a new innovative product offered by Dr. Ashbaugh at Blue Sky Dental Group called Invisalign. Invisalign uses custom clear aligner trays that are designed to gradually and effectively solve your tooth dissatisfaction issues. The good news is that the aligner trays are virtually invisible, so they will not interfere with your appearance as much as the traditional metal braces did in years past.

Book your appointment with us at Blue Sky Dental Group for you to see what your beautiful new smile will look like before you even begin the process. You can begin creating your six new positive dental words immediately as you begin your journey to smile satisfaction.

Blue Sky Dental Group will help you new six tooth story words sound something like: “I really love my new smile!”

Posted on Behalf of Blue Sky Dental Group

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