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Teeth Whitening For Teens, Too

Posted on Behalf of Blue Sky Dental Group

Jacksonville FL Cosmetic Dental TreatmentsTraditionally teeth whitening has been mostly for adults. Adults have found great success in shedding years off their signs of aging with teeth whitening. Over the years adults begin to notice their teeth are less white, bright and brilliant. The reason for this yellowish or grayish discoloring is due to the dulling of the enamel because the teeth have become porous. Teeth whitening has been proven to be a great way to help fight this sign of aging in adults.

Were you aware that your teen might desire to have their teeth whitened as well? There are two reasons that could lead to this.

  • Selfies-Most teens carry a camera with them all day everywhere they go. They’re constantly ready to capture their smile at any moment. The reason they have a camera is due to the fact that they’re connected to their phone. You know what else is on their phone?...social media outlets! So, not only do they snap a picture, but also they then post it on social media to see how everyone else feels about the selfie that was posted. Teens are more concerned with their brilliant smiles now more than ever.
  • Braces-Many teens wear braces to align their teeth. Braces do not discolor teeth, but the challenge of proper dental care is the problem. Navigating the maze of wires and brackets in order to achieve a proper cleaning can be a challenge. If food is not properly removed from teeth is can lead to plaque that produces acids that will leach away the minerals from the enamel. When this happens the demineralization process affects the light reflection off their teeth to be distorted. White spots may appear and your teen may become self-conscious of the discoloring.

Call and schedule you or your teen’s professional teeth whitening with us at Blue Sky Dental Group today. You can be confident that our process is safe and easy.

Posted on Behalf of Blue Sky Dental Group

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