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Become The Queen Of Yes For Halloween

Posted on Behalf of Blue Sky Dental Group

Jacksonville FL Pediatric DentistDo you ever feel like during the month of October all you say to your kiddos is the word “no?”

Kiddo: “Mom, can I have this piece of candy?”

Mom: “No”

Kiddo: “Mom, can I go to the haunted house?”

Mom: “No”

Kids get to wear costumes of all sorts and dress up during Halloween. But, it seems like you’ve become the Queen of No without even wearing a royal costume.  It’s not fun.

If you’re looking for ways to say “yes” more to your kids this fall, why not start with some fun treats that promote dental health and everyone will be happy with.

  •  Fill your house with fun fall treats from nature that you can say “yes” to. Why not carve a jack-o-lantern and then get your family’s hands slimy as you stick your hands deep into the center of the pumpkin and pull out its delicious and nutritious seeds. Roast them with a little oil, honey and salt and then everyone will enjoy them.
  • Say “yes” to trick-or-treating and when you get home with the candy treats say “yes” to a determined number of pieces of candies. Then, let your child choose a place to donate the rest.
  • Say “yes” to apple bobbing! We’re right in the middle of apple harvest season. Apples are filled with good nutrients for your body and teeth, and be sure to eat the skin too!

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Posted on Behalf of Blue Sky Dental Group

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