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Dental Bridges

When you are missing a tooth or teeth, you may be a good candidate for a dental bridge. The appearance of your smile can be ruined by missing teeth. When molars and bicuspids are missing, they may not affect your smile that much, but they do affect your ability to chew your food properly. The main chewing surface for the optimal breaking down of food is supplied by your molars and bicuspids. When they are missing, you are missing valuable chewing surface.

Dental bridges are a cosmetic dental treatment that can restore those surfaces. A dental bridge can improve your smile when anterior teeth are missing. They also restore the support your facial muscles need to keep you looking young and vibrant. Missing teeth affect the way your lips and cheeks look. When teeth are missing, those areas can make you appear gaunt. Restoring the missing teeth fills out those spots, shaving years off your appearance. Restoring missing teeth not only improves the way you look, it also helps your digestive process since you are able to chew food properly.

Why Choose a Dental Bridge

Unlike a removable partial, a dental bridge is a permanent prosthetic that does not require removal. It provides support to your facial muscles, eliminating the drawn look that missing teeth can cause. Dental bridges also prevent a cascade of problems that can occur when teeth are missing.

Over time, the teeth adjacent to the space begin to drift into that space. They slowly move out of alignment, sometimes leaning over into the gap. This causes a malocclusion of the teeth as well, since the opposing teeth no longer fit properly with the others. Soon you find that you have food traps forming and the development of gaps and areas that are difficult to keep clean.

A dental bridge provides stability for the teeth and keeps them from moving out of place. When back teeth are replaced, the bridge restores critical chewing surface. Replacement of anterior teeth restores your smile.

If you are missing teeth, why not contact Blue Sky Dental Group today for a consultation? Find out if a dental bridge is what you need to restore your appearance and oral health.