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When teeth are missing, your facial countenance can change dramatically. Without the support provided by teeth, your facial muscles sag leaving you with a gaunt, sunken appearance. The more teeth you have missing, they older you may appear. Restoring those missing teeth will help you look younger and rejuvenated.

Blue Sky Dental Group offers partial and complete dentures for patients who need missing teeth restored. These removable prosthetics provide an aesthetically pleasing smile as well as needed support for facial muscles. In addition, they restore the chewing surface of missing teeth. Replacing missing teeth can also boost your self-esteem. Each time you look in the mirror wearing your new dentures, you see a pleasant smile, filled out features and a younger-looking you.

Research has discovered that people who are missing all their teeth have a higher incidence of chronic kidney problems. The inability to eat healthy foods and chew foods properly certainly affects your digestion and deprives your body of the important nutrients it needs. Restoring those missing teeth allows you to eat all your favorite foods and chew them properly so that you get all the nutritional benefits from the healthy foods you eat.

Partial Dentures

When you have some natural teeth, but others are missing, partial dentures are an option for replacing the missing teeth. In cases where bridgework or dental implants are not advisable, partial dentures provide a good alternative. Your natural teeth will have additional stability because the partial will prevent them from shifting out of position to fill in the space caused by missing teeth. Partials may also provide the support that is missing for your cheeks and lips.

Boost your self-confidence by replacing missing teeth. Smiling with confidence and having the ability to eat healthy foods again will give you a vibrancy and buoyancy that you may have been missing for a while. Contact Blue Sky Dental Group today for a consultation appointment and discover the best alternatives for restoring your missing teeth.