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Emergency Dentistry

Statistics show that more people are using hospital emergency rooms for their dental emergencies. They also show that in a majority of cases the patient is given a prescription for medication and told to contact their dentist.

Hospital ERs are generally not equipped to handle dental emergencies. Rarely is a dentist part of the emergency room staff. Fortunately for Jacksonville area residents, Blue Sky Dental Group offers emergency dental care. We have the skills and equipment to handle all dental emergencies.

Skip the cold, impersonal waiting room of the hospital ER and come to the warm, inviting surroundings of Blue Sky Dental Group. Our compassionate staff will assist you in getting comfortable and relaxed while we take care of your dental needs.

Urgent Dental Care

Severe toothaches, trauma to your teeth and broken dental appliances are instances when dental care is needed quickly. At Blue Sky Dental Group, you can trust that you will receive the care and treatment required to resolve your situation. Our calm, soothing environment along with our gentle chairside manner and expert skill will put you at ease.

Our commitment to your best oral health includes providing urgent dental care when it is needed. If a tooth has been knocked out, an infection has gotten out of hand or you have a broken denture, Blue Sky Dental Group will handle your problem with care and compassion. The proper treatment will be applied so you can get on with your life.

When you call Blue Sky Dental Group for emergency dental care, we will let you know if there are instructions that need to be followed to help stabilize the situation. Emergency situations are addressed as soon as possible. You may have a situation arise that causes you concern, but you are not sure if it is an emergency. Contact us anyway, so we can determine if you need immediate care. We do not want any of our patients to undergo unnecessary distress due to a dental issue.