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Halitosis Treatment

You may be one of 50 million Americans plagued with bad breath, or halitosis. While there are many causes for bad breath, one of the most common is poor oral hygiene. Failure to brush and floss can naturally lead to foul smelling breath. Brushing and flossing properly remove most of the bacteria that causes halitosis. However, if you have a decent oral hygiene routine and you still suffer from bad breath, you may have decayed teeth, gum disease or gastric problems. Without general dentistry treatments, these conditions can also contribute to halitosis.

The unpleasant odor associated with bad breath usually comes from the breakdown of proteins that happens on the back of the tongue. This process produces a buildup of volatile sulfur compounds which cause breath to smell bad.

Treatment for Bad Breath

Treatment for this problem depends on the source. Learning how to correctly brush and floss your teeth will solve the issue for some people. Addressing dental problems like decayed teeth and gum disease may also be in order. A professional cleaning is necessary to remove the bacteria associated with gum disease. Depending on the extent of the disease, other steps may be required as well.

If your halitosis does not seem to originate with an oral issue, you will be advised to contact your primary care physician. In these situations, a medical doctor will need to examine you to find the source of the problem. When you suffer from bad breath and it is not caused by your teeth or gums, it may be a health condition.

Halitosis is a treatable problem. As common as this condition may be, people who have it are not always aware of it until someone tells them. Treating halitosis will improve your oral health. If you have this annoying condition, contact Blue Sky Dental Group today for an appointment. Let us help you get your breath smelling fresh and clean again.