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Restorative Dentistry

At Blue Sky Dental Group, we are proponents of prevention. We would like to see each of our patients keep their natural teeth throughout their lifetime with proper dental treatments. We are also realistic! People lose teeth for a variety of reasons, and when that happens, we have solutions to restore those areas of missing teeth.

Our restorative dentistry helps you get back your optimum oral health and returns the charm to your smile. If you are missing teeth, look at our options for restoration. You deserve to have a full, healthy smile and we can help you achieve that.

Complete Dental Restorations

The “windows” left by missing teeth can be closed easily and beautifully with one of our restoration procedures at Blue Sky Dental Group. Closing the gaps left by missing teeth is important for several reasons. Not only is your smile affected by missing teeth, when you have missing molars, you have lost valuable chewing surface.

The ability to chew your food properly affects your digestion. Eating healthy foods such as raw vegetables is nearly impossible when you have teeth missing. Biting down on hard foods can be uncomfortable at best and is usually painful. Restoring those surfaces allows you to eat all the foods you enjoy without discomfort. It also gives you the opportunity to chew your food well enough for your body to make the most of all the nutrients. This aids in proper digestion.

Dental implants provide a perfect option when you only have one tooth missing. They are also used to help stabilize dentures and provide abutment teeth for dental bridges. Dentures are removable dental prosthetics. When bridgework is unadvisable or when all your teeth are missing, dentures supply the missing teeth so that you can eat well and smile beautifully.

Contact Blue Sky Dental Group today to get more information about restorative dentistry. Make an appointment for a consultation to find out which option is the best for your situation.