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Root Canal Therapy

When root canal therapy or RCT is mentioned, people usually cringe. What most people do not realize is that RCT is actually a healing general dentistry procedure that saves a tooth from being removed, and it eliminates the pain caused by the infection that is in the tooth.

Decay begins on the surface of the tooth. Acids eat away at the hard surface of the tooth, which is the enamel. When the enamel is breached, the second layer, a softer substance called dentin, is soon attacked and the decay spreads much easier. It is not unusual for decay to eat away at the interior of a tooth while only a small fissure or hole appears on the surface of the tooth. As the decay moves closer to the nerve or the pulp, symptoms of a problem may begin to manifest.

In the last stages of decay, the pulp is attacked and the nerve begins to die. As the body’s natural defenses come to fend off the decay, toxins form an abscess at the root. At this point, swelling appears and usually the pain is unbearable. If the tooth is to be saved, the infected nerve must be removed through root canal therapy.

Root Canals Offer Pain Relief for Infected Teeth!

Advances in dental technology have improved the techniques with which RCT is performed. The procedure involves removing all the decay from the tooth and carefully removing the nerve and infection. The canal of the tooth root is then meticulously cleaned and sterilized. Next, it is filled with a special material which prevents bacteria from entering the canal. When the canal is sealed off, the remainder of the tooth is filled with a suitable filling material. Your dentist may suggest crowning the tooth for further protection and to strengthen the tooth. RCT can cause a tooth to become brittle and susceptible to breaking.

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