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Convenient Scheduling!
Extended Hours

People find it easy to procrastinate when getting dental care. It can be difficult to fit one more appointment into an already hectic schedule. At our dental practice in Jacksonville, we make scheduling that dental appointment simple and convenient.

Not everyone is able to take time away from work or school to go to the dentist during regular work hours. Blue Sky Dental Group has extended hours to serve those who are unable to make appointments during those hours. Just let us know the best time for scheduling your visit, and we will work to accommodate you.

Family Block Dental Appointments

Large families may find scheduling dental appointments challenging. With more than one or two children needing dental care, finding time to do it can be difficult unless you take advantage of Blue Sky Dental Group’s family block appointments. Let us know that you want to schedule several family members at once, and we will take care of it. Back-to-back and simultaneous appointments mean fewer trips to the dentist, saving you time and money. Bring the entire family. With our children’s play area, video games, computer lab and flat screen TVs, all the kids will be occupied while we provide excellent dental care.

Getting good dental care is important; it is not just about keeping your smile beautiful, although that is reason enough. Proper oral care and excellent oral health are the cornerstones of overall health. Contact us today and make your appointment with Blue Sky Dental Group.