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Teeth Whitening

One of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures worldwide is teeth whitening. You may wonder why so many people are getting their teeth whitened. The main reason could be that whitening your teeth can actually make you look years younger. Stained, dingy teeth add the appearance of age. They take away from your smile as well. On the other hand, a bright, white smile gives you a vibrant and ageless appearance.

Blue Sky Dental Group offers professional teeth whitening. In just a short period of time, your teeth can become shades whiter. Our whitening process safely and effectively eliminates all the stains that have caused your teeth to become darker.

Over the years, the beverages you consume and the foods you eat affect the color of your teeth. People who have dark-colored berries as part of their regular diet often experience stained teeth. Even certain spices, when consumed on a frequent basis, can cause teeth to look dingy. Coffee and tea drinkers can tell by the discoloration of their cups how much of a stain can be on their teeth. Even dark wines can cause staining to occur. Smoking and chewing tobacco are among the worst causes for darkening tooth enamel.

Professional Whitening vs Over-the-Counter Kits

Teeth whitening kits are available just about everywhere you go. Many of these products are effective. Why should you have your teeth professionally whitened in the dental office when you could possibly achieve the same results at home?

You may get the same results at home, and you may not. When you have your teeth whitened professionally, you know you are going to get the best results possible. You also know that the procedure will be carried out safely so that your teeth will be protected. There is an accountability attached to professional whitening that is not available when you use a home kit. Sensitive teeth and teeth that have had dental work may have a reaction to some over-the-counter products. Your dentist knows your teeth and has the skill and expertise to whiten them without causing harm.

For a brighter, whiter smile, contact Blue Sky Dental Group today for an appointment. We will whiten your teeth safely and effectively for that Hollywood smile.