What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a restoration that aims to cover and protect a damaged tooth. Crowns offer cosmetic and restorative benefits. Not only do they provide patients with a fully restored tooth, but they protect the tooth from further damage. You may need a dental crown if you’ve broken, cracked or fractured a tooth or if a tooth has been recently root canaled.

Why would a Dental Crown be needed?

The reason you may need a crown is because a tooth has cracked or broken. If you’ve recently undergone a root canal, we will typically suggest crowning the tooth because it will be more susceptible to breaking and fracturing. If a tooth has a large filling in it or if it’s been compromised in any way, we’ll often suggest to place a crown. The majority of dental crowns can last for one to two decades depending on the amount of wear they receive.

In this video, our dentist in Jacksonville, Dr. Kathleen Stevens, provides an overview of what a dental crowns are.

Do crowns need to be replaced eventually? Find out with Dr. Stevens who is experienced in offering dental crowns in Jacksonville, Florida.

Who is a candidate for a Dental Crown?

With a comprehensive exam done in our office, we can help in determining if a dental crown is right for you. Most patients will need at least one crown in their lifetime, and it’s one of the most common restorations used in the dental field. If you have an older crown that’s showing signs of wear, we can remove it and replace it in our office. We offer ceramic, porcelain and even same-day CEREC crowns and can help in deciphering which one is right for you.

What can be expected during the Dental Crown procedure?

We begin by numbing one section of your mouth to improve your comfort during the procedure. We then file down the damaged tooth to make room for the new crown. Impressions are taken and used to make the permanent restoration. If you’re having a traditional crown made for you, we’ll have you come back in for your appointment to have the permanent placed. If you’re going with our same-day CEREC crown technology, we’ll take digital impressions and make the permanent crown for you right in our office. With proper care and maintenance, your new crown will last you for many years.

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