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Dental Implants & General Dentistry - Jacksonville, FL

From Symptoms to Solution

Discover a new standard of comprehensive dental care with our husband and wife-owned practice, where excellence meets a full spectrum of services to address your unique needs. As a multi-specialty practice, we take pride in managing a diverse range of dental concerns, ensuring that we not only treat the symptoms but also get to the root of the problem.

Despite being a full-spectrum office with a team of specialists, we remain committed to the hands-on approach of seeing and treating patients every day. Our system combines the personalized touch of a family-owned practice with the expertise of a multispecialty team, offering unparalleled quality of care without compromise. Your dental well-being is our priority, and we’re here to exceed your expectations every step of the way.

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Transformative Experiences
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Elevated Craftsmanship.
Seamless Precision.

At Blue Sky Dental Group, cutting-edge technology is more than just a convenience; it’s a cornerstone of our commitment to excellence. Our advanced tools and equipment enable us to keep every aspect of your dental procedure in-house, ensuring a seamless and precise treatment experience. From digital imaging to our in-house dental lab, our technology-driven approach empowers us to handcraft each element of your procedure with the utmost precision and personalized care.

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A More Relaxing Dental Experience Than You Imagined

If the mere thought of visiting the dentist is nerve-wracking or a fear of needles and drills sends shivers down your spine, our team can help. Like many other anxious patients who visit our practice, you’ll discover that IV sedation dentistry is a soothing game-changer! With IV sedation or another type of conscious sedation, dental anxiety will no longer be a barrier to achieving the healthy smile and optimal oral health you deserve.

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Full Arch Dental Implants

Our patient-centered practice in Jacksonville, FL, offers All-on-X full mouth dental implants. This streamlined treatment concept enables extracting remaining teeth, performing implant surgery, and fitting you with a temporary prosthesis in one day. This protocol places four or more dental implants in your jaw at a specific angle to support a full arch restoration. This protocol enhances bone-to-implant contact while optimizing bone support, allowing Dr. Ashbaugh to restore your smile, even if you’ve already experienced significant bone loss.

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Orthodontics is often needed to correct crooked teeth, spacing problems, or malocclusion (bad bite) and improve smile stability, function, oral health, and aesthetics. Our dental team has advanced training in occlusion, traditional metal braces, and retainers, and we’re also certified in Invisalign® clear aligners. As such, we can resolve your family’s dental and orthodontic issues at our warm and welcoming dental practice without visiting another approach.

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Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Wisdom teeth (third molars) are the last teeth to erupt and often cause pain because there isn’t enough room at the back of the mouth to properly and thoroughly. The longer an impacted wisdom tooth remains in the jaw, the higher the risk of cavities, gum disease, and even gum cysts. Consequently, wisdom tooth removal is a common oral surgery in young adults. At Blue Sky Dental Group, we often recommend sedating because third molar extraction can be more complex than routine extractions.

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