Oral Surgery - Jacksonville, FL

Restore Optimal Oral Health

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Oral Surgery Alleviates Pain
and Prevents Serious Repercussions

Severe tooth decay, a fractured or impacted tooth, and dental trauma can cause debilitating pain and other oral health problems. Tooth loss can lead to declining oral health and function, negatively impacting chewing and nutrition. Even a single missing tooth can cause loss of bone and shifting of surrounding teeth, while the spaces can harbor bacteria and cause a gum infection that can spread to other parts of your body when left untreated.

These issues and more can be effectively treated with oral surgery. We know you have options if you’re looking for a compassionate and experienced oral surgeon near you in Jacksonville, FL, for wisdom tooth extraction or a different oral surgery procedure. Rest assured—personalized, gentle, expert, and comprehensive patient care is always the number one priority at Blue Sky Dental Group!

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State-of-the-Art and Efficient
Surgical Procedures

With state-of-the-art operative suites designed with safety and efficiency in mind and a highly skilled team of general dentists and specialists, we can offer comprehensive services under one roof, including oral surgery.

Our team has expertise in several surgical procedures, from affordable wisdom tooth extractions to guided dental implant surgery. We utilize the latest techniques and technologies and have an on-site dental lab that enhances our ability to deliver highly effective and complication-free oral surgery in Jacksonville, FL.

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Experience Stress-Free
Oral Surgery

At Blue Sky Dental Group, we understand teeth and gums are sensitive, so it’s natural to feel nervous about needing oral surgery. IV sedation is a great option to alleviate dental anxiety. Still, it doesn’t block pain receptors, so it’s standard practice to administer local anesthesia with sedation dentistry.

Whether you choose IV sedation, oral sedation, or nitrous oxide, sedation dentistry can make surgical procedures more pleasant. At your first consultation, we’ll help you choose the best option to address your level of anxiety and the procedure you’re undergoing.

Our Oral Surgery Procedures

Wisdom Tooth Extraction
Tooth Extractions
Bone Grafting
Dental Implant Surgery

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