What are Dental Fillings?

A dental filling is a restoration that is used to fill in an area of decay once it’s been removed. Tooth decay, or cavities as they’re more commonly called, can affect both children as well as adults. Cavities often develop due to plaque acids essentially infiltrating a tooth. If the decay is not removed in a timely manner, not only will it begin to affect surrounding teeth, but it may cause the need for a complete root canal. Before the decay can get this bad, it’s removed and a tooth-colored filling put into its place.

Why would a Dental Filling be needed?

The reason you may need a filling is because you have a cavity. Cavities often form as a result of poor oral hygiene as well as a poor high-sugar diet. Other things can cause decay as well, and some patients are simply more susceptible and prone to developing cavities. A filling is needed because it fills in the area where a cavity was found, which can prevent further damage to the tooth.

Watch this brief overview of what dental fillings are with Dr. Kathleen Stevens, one of our dentists in Jacksonville, FL.

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In this video, Dr. Stevens describes the typical time it takes to get dental fillings at her dental office in Jacksonville.

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Who is a candidate for a Dental Filling?

Many smaller fillings can go unnoticed without the help of both an exam and dental x-rays. This is why it is important that you come in for routine checkup exams so that we can check for cavities. Areas of decay in a tooth often present themselves as sticky and soft rather than hard tooth surface. We use a dental instrument known as an explorer to look for these soft and sticky areas.

What happens during the Dental Filling process?

The procedure will begin with a local anesthetic that is safely administered to numb an area of the mouth. We then carefully remove the decay from the tooth and prep the tiny hole to receive the filling. We place a tooth-colored composite resin filling into the hole and smooth it into place. The filling is cured with a special light, which hardens it to prevent it from moving or falling out. The entire process takes a short period of time in our office. We can fill multiple cavities at once if they’re in the same area of the mouth.

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