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Tooth loss is a common problem that causes more than noticeable gaps between teeth. When left untreated, functional issues can arise, including misalignment, pain or sensitivity, chewing difficulty, shifting of teeth, bone loss, and an increased risk of decay and gum disease. Missing teeth can also lead to a negative self-image and deflated confidence. Whether you need to replace a single tooth, many missing teeth, or a full arch of teeth, dental implants in Jacksonville, FL, will restore your ability to eat the foods you love without pain and boost your self-esteem and quality of life.

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What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a state-of-the-art tooth replacement solution that consists of three parts. The screw-like implant post assumes the role of the missing natural tooth root and is most commonly made of titanium. The abutment is placed on or built into the top of the dental implant to connect to the replacement tooth or teeth. Dental implants are the most versatile option because they support a single crown, bridge, or full arch prostheses.

Unlike natural teeth, dental implants can’t decay; proper oral hygiene is essential to keep the surrounding gum tissue healthy. When placed by a skilled implant dentist, dental implants offer unsurpassed longevity and durability and can often last a lifetime with good oral hygiene habits and professional dental care.

Am I A Candidate?
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The Dental Implant Advantage

  • Restores dental function
  • Provides most natural-looking aesthetics
  • Preserves the health of surrounding bone and gums
  • Prevents changes to facial shape
  • It helps keep adjacent teeth stable
  • Improves oral health and quality of life
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Top 3 Factors for a Successful Dental Implant Procedure!

Our Versatile Implant Options

Single Implants
Dental Bridges
Implant Supported Dentures
Full Mouth Dental Implants

The Steps in the Dental Implant Procedure

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Dental Implant Consultation & Planning

During your first implant visit at Blue Sky Dental Group, we’ll discuss your dental and medical history and take digital X-rays to confirm if a failing tooth needs to be extracted. If you get multiple or full mouth dental implants, our cone-beam computed tomography scanner analyzes your underlying bone structure, nerve tissue and sinus cavities. We send the scan out to our implant designer, who sends back a mockup that we use to meticulously plan your implant surgery and craft your restorations.

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Dental Implant Surgery

First, the treated area of your mouth is numbed with a local anesthetic. Many patients undergoing oral surgery for implants also opt for soothing sedation.

Using surgical guides, we carefully make incisions in your gums in predetermined sites and insert the titanium implant posts into your jawbone. Sometimes, a bone graft and membrane augment any areas of deficient bone and maximize implant surgery success.

patient smiling brightly after their dental treatment within the dental center

Healing & Final Restorations

Before you leave, we’ll provide instructions on how to care for your implants immediately and over the next few months. This includes guidance on what to eat and avoid during the various healing phases.

Dental implants take 4-6 months to fuse with your underlying bone in osseointegration. After the final crown, bridge, or prosthesis is fabricated, we glaze and stain it on-site, then ensure it fits perfectly and complements your facial aesthetics.

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doctor and patient going over dental procedure information within the dental center
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